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Who Benefits?

You do.  Law firms and licensed attorneys that are registered with EL ABOGADO will receive new referrals and new client business in their specific areas of practice.  Such new client referrals, of course,  are essential for building any law practice.

Exclusive Attorney Territories & Counties:

Participating Law Firms register for exclusive counties and territories and one specific area of practice within each.  There are nine distinct areas of practice per county through which attorneys and law firms can increase the size of their law practices.  They are:

  • Personal injury
  • Criminal defense
  • Family law (matrimonial)
  • Immigration
  • Real estate
  • Commercial transactions
  • Bankruptcy
  • Estate planning
  • Civil litigation (i.e. L&T)

In New York, for instance, there are nine different firms that have Queens county as an exclusive territory, each of course having the exclusive rights to a different area of practice as itemized above.  This demonstrates how there are nine territories for each different county.


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First Come, First Serve:

1-800-ELABOGADO territories are exclusive and available to only one attorney firm in each County and area of practice. These exclusive territories, of course, are available on a first-come-first-serve basis to qualified applicants.

How The Referrals Work, Examples:

1-800-ELABOGADO partners with a state-of-the-art independent phone carrier which insures that all phone calls generated from your protected territory and area of practice is immediately directed to ring into your firms office.

When a personal injury tollfree telephone call originates from Queens County it is referred directly to the Queens firm that is registered with us as the exclusive Personal Injury firm in Queens.  Likewise a bankruptcy call from Queens County is directly referred to the attorney or firm owning the exclusive rights to bankruptcy referrals. 

By acquiring an exclusive area of practice in a clearly defined territory (specific County) you will receive every telephone call from businesses and individuals in need of legal advise and related services from within your territory.

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